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About Us

We are the proud owners of Smile, Mommy! Diaper Service. For now, it’s operated mostly by Kelly. Aron brings logistical expertise to the business and Kelly contributes customer service flair, marketing magic, and organizational skills.

We were first customers Smile, Mommy!, fell in love with the concept, and decided to purchase it when it threatened to close. We believe in cloth diapering and advocate for it in local and national forums. To us, the thought of throwing away 6,000 or more diapers per child just plain stinks! We also know that cloth is safer, comfier and cuter.

Aron’s “real job” is Director of Operations at Martha O’Bryan Center, a recipient of many Smile, Mommy! goods and services donations. Kelly is a member of the MOMS Club, Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity, Historic East Nashville Merchants Association, Real Diaper Industry Association, and a darn busy mama.

We live in East Nashville with our son, Brey - born in December of 2010, our daughter, Cole - born in February of 2013, and Aron’s cat. How did we meet, you ask? Middle school in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We’ve both been in Nashville now for about 12 years. Nashville is home. We look forward to meeting you and your growing family. We’re here to help!

Smile, Mommy! opened in 2007 and is now serving babies in Davidson and Williamson counties in Middle Tennessee.